Earn real-world work experience with the Airos Mentorship Program

Work side-by-side with the Airos technical team on a project to attain real-world work experience.

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Our process

Approach the workplace with confidence

Get the confidence you need to start your first software development job.

Ideation and innovation

Break down an idea into business requirements that will dictate what your system will do.

System architecture

Convert your business requirements into a system, breaking down all elements into a system architecture .


Work side by side with the Airos team using collaborative tools and technology to build your system.

*Need more information? For a detailed breakdown of how the program works, please talk to an advisor. Alternatively, you can call us on (+27) 73 591 3214 or email us on contact@airos.co.za.

Airos Mentorship Program

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Earn real-world work experience with Airos

Be In-Demand

Learn the skills you need, while attaining much needed work experience.

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If you are looking for a career change or you are interested in learning practical programming skills this program perfect for you. (please note some at least a basic knowledge of programming is required to get into the program, if you’re completely new please see our programming bootcamps here)

You will learn all the practical elements of working on a software development project. This includes the full life-cycle taken to develop a software program/feature.

Each program is tailored for the student based on their current skill set as well as career aspirations. The program aims to further develop the your analytical and programming skills by introducing you to a real-world scenario with project deadlines and responsibilities. At the end, you can expect to have a good understanding of what it is like to work as a developer