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Microsoft Excel is the most popular business software in the world by large margins and for good reason. Excel is both practical and powerful, used by small shopkeepers, accountants around the world and large corporate project managers.

This 2-week short course, in particular, focuses on the fundamentals of Excel. Teaching the basics and then moving onto the more intermediate concepts such as functions, 3D formulas and charts.

In your final assessment, you will get to work with real data from the COVID-19 epidemic, where you will be expected to provide insights based on the data. Join us and take on this bootcamp with guidance from an Airos expert.

MS Excel Fundamentals

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If you are about to enter the workforce or you are looking to step into the world of technology this bootcamp is perfect for you.

You will learn the basics of excel from data capturing to using formulas to do complex calculations automatically.

As you progress through this course you will develop your Excel and computing competencies and upon completion of the final project, you will receive the Airos Excel certificate. Lastly, we encourage you to write the international Excel exam.

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Excel is a program developed by Microsoft for businesses and individuals around the world. It is primarily a spreadsheet application that allows users to organise and format data as well as apply calculations to data using Excel formulae.

Over and above the spreadsheet Excel is used to help businesses manage budgets and graphically represent critical information through the use of Excel’s various chart features.

Excel is used in all industries around the world from your small corner store budget to your international shipping companies. Due to Excel’s multitude of applications, it is rare that you would find yourself in a position that would render Microsoft Excel useless.
This course will sufficiently prepare you for basic bookkeeping and data capturing.

The purpose of this course is to help students move from a basic understanding of spreadsheets to an in-depth understanding as to how spreadsheets are used in daily life and the various elements used is business. In addition, this course teaches the student various spreadsheet skills, such as; inserting data, formatting cells, formulas and graphical representation of data.

If you enjoy this bootcamp we suggest you continue in Excel and learn about the valuable pivot table feature. However, if you enjoyed the formulae and managing data you may well enjoy our Database Systems bootcamp where you will learn how to manage and manipulate a database, a high paying position, as well as creating your own customer-facing application.

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